One in Five – Research

‘One In Five’ is research for a new performance that we hope to make, using as it’s starting point  the fact that one in five women born in the 1960’s in the UK have not had children.

We are everywhere, yet barely visible in public discourse and social policy. When we are discussed, the language is one of deficit and of ‘not being’, often wrapped in connotations of either grief or selfishness. We’re either pitied, reviled as ballsy hussies in good shoes with a nice line in manicures, or dismissed as eccentrically deranged. In this era of identity politics, what’s ours? We’ll look at how we describe ourselves and how we’re described. Can we say what we are without saying what we’re not?

One in Five will look at what we do have, as well as the battleground of what society thinks women should have.

We are currently collecting stories as research and would love to hear from women with different experiences of childlessness. At this stage we’re particularly interested in hearing from women age 35 upwards, but the survey is open to all. We will ask your age, your consent to share your story and five questions. The survey will take no more than ten minutes.

You can find the survey here:

With very many thanks for your input

Katy Noakes & Lea Anderson