Laberinto, Lea Anderson and Compañía Danza PUCP

A witty, surreal & striking journey through a misconstructed history that connects Cab Calloway, Betty Boop, Greek Gods and pre-Incan imagery

‘Lullabies’, Roxana Vilk

A multi media and live performance work made with the communities that call Bristol home.

Trying It On

A new performed exhibition from leading choreographer, Lea Anderson

Found & Light Steps Touring 2018

DancingStrong family work tour news

Ladies & Gentlemen, Cholmondeley Productions

New touring work by Lea Anderson

Dance Village at Bristol Harbour Festival

Performance and participation showcasing the diversity of dance today

Beyond The Box

Dance Photography Commissions by Irven Lewis

Thinking aloud…

Dear funders…..did we just break up?

Coronavirus and Arts funding for independents

Moving Bristol – A Manifesto for Dance in the City

Review – ‘Session’ by Still House, Steppaz and Empire Sounds

One In Five Research

Calling women who haven’t had children! Online survey for R&D

New Tech: New Future: New Movement

A blog on PDSW’s dance and technology symposium for Theatre Bristol Agents