A multi-media and live performance by Roxana Vilk and the communities who call Bristol home

“Sharing lullabies is deep and private because you end up talking about your past; your motherhood, your mothering and your mother.” Taban, Kurdistan

As dusk falls across the skies and the birds sing their evensong, voices sing gently to loved ones behind closed curtains. Multiple voices and languages paint lullaby landscapes of motherlands; stories of family, journeys, warnings and of home.

Created during Roxana Vilk’s ‘Ignite’ residency at Trinity, ‘Lullabies’ is a multi-disciplinary work, built around the lullabies gathered from the communities and cultures who call Bristol home. A tapestry of story, sound and projections, ‘Lullabies’ lifts the veil from the intimate moments of bedtime routine, exploring the intangible threads that connect us.

Following a period of R&D, ‘Lullabies’ is being developed over 2020 with support from Future Arts Venues commissioning and Trinity Arts.

Further information and project blog:

Lullabies Team: Artistic Director – Roxana Vilk, Producer – Katy Noakes, Dramaturg – Edson Burton, Sound Design – Peter Vilk, Production Design – Ruth Ramsay, Visuals – Tom Newell.

Lullabies R&D was funded by Arts Council England and Trinity Centre Bristol.