Vote Dance GE2017

A post for dance colleagues, particularly young dancers

Whaaat! Another election? Really? An election called because the PM wants consensus, entirely missing the point of parliament? What the hell….

It bothers me that young artists and dancers have lost so much already – tuition fees, housing costs, brexit – and it feels like the worst is yet to come. Creative arts are pretty much out of the curriculum, dance degrees are closing down, funding sources are drying up and costs just keep on rising. Where will you teach? Where will the next generation train? How will you afford a studio to train in? Will there be venues left to perform in? How will your opportunities in Europe be affected?

Have you registered to vote? Do it now. Here’s the link:

And if you want to grasp this opportunity to ask your candidates to pledge their support for dance, you can share this manifesto from One Dance UK. While the parties are writing their GE Manifestos, this is the time for us to bend their ear to our votes.

Not all candidates have declared they are standing yet, but the contact details for sitting MPs for Bristol are below. Each of the Labour MPs is standing again for GE17. You will be able to find other party candidates on local party websites when they are confirmed, so I’ve included those at the end.

And my vote? It’s going to the current Labour MP for Bristol West, Thangam Debonnaire, who has given dance her time, advocacy and support and done a whole lot more besides. How often do you get to listen national radio and hear an MP say: “I’m a socialist and a musician and I believe that art is for everyone.”?

Sitting MPs:
Bristol North West – Charlotte Leslie, Conservative
184 Henleaze Road, Bristol, BS9 4NE
Tel: 0117 962 9427
Web & Social media
Bristol East, Kerry Mc Carthy, Labour
Tel: 020 7219 4510
Constituency Office
Tel: 0117 939 9901
Bristol West, Thangam Debonnaire, Labour
Tel: 020 7219 0974
Constituency office Tel: 0117 3790980
Bristol South, Karin Smith, Labour
Constituency office Tel: 0117 953 3575
Other party candidates: